YouTube for teachers-how to use new technologies in education?

Her own YouTube channel, bio – themed videos, live broadcasts and gamification elements are just some of the methods that our teacher uses every day in her work with young people. About innovative teaching methods based on their own videos, will tell on our blog.

– In the starter, we motivate teachers and teachers to acquire new competencies and exchange experiences. Learning from others is a challenge that requires continuous self-development, inspiration and networking. Excellent attendance at meetings shows that educators want to use innovative solutions and tools, develop and change schools.

The days when the school had a monopoly on teaching are over. This is an important part of this process, but a huge part of the knowledge young people acquire in the extracurricular environment-through passions, the internet, contacts with other people, visits to cultural centers. Teachers face a huge challenge today. How to interest and inspire the younger generation?

New technologies and teaching work are uniquely linked by our teacher. Passionate about music, she is the author of songs and clips on the subject of biology, which she creates to make it easier for her students to learn difficult biological concepts. Its implementation can be found on YouTube and repeated before the test. About education, conducting classes based on their own films, as well as the fact that gamification and live broadcasts are the future of teaching a biologist.

– From spores full of cunning arises gametofitu, sexual generation which gametes gives new. Tribes, families arise there, in a drop of water flow. And we have fertilization, a mysterious connection.

– Biology is a difficult subject, which is full of complex definitions and concepts. Mrs. Margaret is trying to give us knowledge in a simple and pleasant way to reach us.

YouTube is a great way to reach young people. In addition to the vlogs of popular bloggers, a decent dose of gossip, you can find there information and educational channels. Arlena Witt, a philologist by training, once an English teacher, runs a foreign language channel there. A popular video blog where Arlena teaches English in a simple and fun way. What time to use? When to use “a”, “an”, and when “the”? What’s the difference between “must” and “have to”? Why are” phrasal verbs ” and how to learn them? – these are just some of the topics that young people can learn from YouTube.

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